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About Us

25 Years of Providing Hazmat Data. Now, Access Your Data While in the Field Quickly and Easily!

We provide data required by first responders out in the field.  See a list of hazmat sites close to you using a GPS mobile device.  First Responders can access data in three taps! Get emergency contacts name, phone number, site address, type and amount of chemicals, and site maps. 

Increase your first responders and community safety. First Responders can easily and quickly access hazmat current information while on the go to any location in your jurisdiction. HazTrakr is easy to use, simple to install, and requires minimal management.

Our Product

We are the industry leader producing the most reliable and safe solution you are looking for.

Data pulled directly from CERS

HazTrakr data is pulled directly from California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) and securely stored separately. This provides protected access to the latest data from CERS on a 24x7x365 basis. 

Access information from multiple devices

Access HazTrakr from any mobile device that has GPS: mobile phone, tablets, pads. Sites listed on HazTrakr update while on the move using your devices GPS. An Administrator provides the necessary registration key for the devices.

Mobile app with no login required

After downloading and opening the HazTrakr app, first responders see a list of hazmat sites. No login required. Click on the site and get contacts and links to chemical list and site map. That is it! EASY!!

Over 25 years of experience providing hazmat on-site information for first responders.

HazTrakr Serves!

Simple and Clear Data

Get quick access to Emergency Contacts. Link to chemical inventory provides the list of chemicals on site. Site Documents links include Site Maps, and if available, additional business documents.

List of amounts and types of chemicals as registered by the business to CERS via HMBP Hazardous Materials Inventory Form.

Site maps provide location of hazardous materials and safety precautions. Multiple site and evacuation maps may be available depending on HMPB submittal. 

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